Jason's Technology Solutions

Here are some of the projects that I've worked on over the years. Some of these are quite old.

Pre-Algebra This is a simple site I worked up to distribute homework papers when I taught Pre-Algebra at Oakridge High School. It uses a perl driven, flat file database to store the homework assignments. The database also keeps track of when the homework was assigned, when it is due, and whether or not students can download any notes to accompany the assignment. This web site is purely utilitarian. There were no design considerations, so it looks very world wide web circa 1994.
HOTPO Sequence This is a simple page that I made for my students to explore the Collatz Sequence, also called the Half Or Triple Plus One (HOTPO) sequence. Each term can be found by taking half of the previous term if the previous term is even and by taking one more than triple the previous term if it is odd. An unsolved conjecture in mathematics, the Collatz conjecure states that every HOTPO sequence ends in 1, regardless of its starting value.
Factoring Worksheet Factory This is another simple page I made when I was teaching intermediate algebra at Muskegon Community College. We had a saying there - "Fractions, Factoring and Failing all go together." My students wanted some extra practice with multiplying binomials and factoring them, so I created this page so that they could generate a million different practice sheets. Each worksheet version has its own number, so when my students wanted to check their answers, they just typed the version number into the box and they could get the answer sheet.