Unit 2: Functions, Problems, Equations

The following links allow you to download an Adobe PDF file of the homework. If the assignment has the icon, you can click on it to download an Adobe PDF version of notes that cover that particular assignment.

In & Out Tables Due: 10/19/04
Getting on Down to One Due: 10/20/04
Same Problem, Different Answers Due: 10/21/04
Pulling Out Rules Due: 10/22/04
Add It Up Due: 10/25/04
Some More Summations Due: 10/26/04
Rules, Rules, Rules Due: 10/27/04
More Ins and Outs Due: 10/28/04
Diagonally Speaking Due: 11/1/04
Polygon Angles Due: 11/2/04
Angular Summary Due: 11/3/04
Scoops & Squares Due: 11/8/04
Border Varieties Due: 11/9/04
Cutting Through the Layers Due: 11/10/04
Whose Dog is it? Due: 11/11/04
Fractional Life Due: 11/12/04
Liar Liar Due: 11/15/04
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